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 Youth Pastor Resources

Every Student Every School
This website has many resources for youth ministry. Youth pastors, youth workers, and youth leaders can use the resources on this site for free.


Jonathan's Blog
Jonathan McKee is the owner of this blog site. McKee is the president of The Source for Youth Ministry and has authored numerous books for teens. McKee also speaks and trains at conferences, churches, and events across North America, and he provides free resources for youth workers and parents on his website.


National Network of Youth Ministries
NNYM link youth workers for encouragement, spiritual growth, and sharing resources, in order to expose every teenager to the gospel of Jesus Christ, establish those who respond in a local church, and disciple them to help reach the world.


Pastor2Youth provides new games for youth fellowship gatherings and they have a free 84-page leadership manual available for download.


PastorDbase is a Christian, children ministries database software application developed for church and ministry use. This software tracks children mailing information, programs, helpers, staff, suppliers, and the registration process. This software can be downloaded for free.


Project Serve
Project Serve is the short-term mission trip ministry of Youth For Christ. Project Serve has been providing high-quality, relevant, short-term ministry opportunities through their mission trips.


Reach Out Youth Solutions
Reach Out Youth Solutions helps equip and multiple churches' youth leaders, parents, volunteers and students to reach the younger generation with a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


See You at the Pole
See You at the Pole is a prayer rally where students meet at the school flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school and nation to God. See You at the Pole is a student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led event.


The Source For Youth Ministry
This website has many resources for youth ministry. Resources and ideas from this website are all free and can be used by youth pastors, youth workers, and youth leaders.


Uth Stuph
Uth Stuph is a leading custom Christian t-shirt company. They serve youth groups, churches, ministries, camps, mission teams, conference planners, bands and other faith-based organizations across USA and Canada.


Youth Bible Study Materials
Mainstay Ministries sells man Bible study materials for youth ministry groups. They also have free downloadable resources on their website.


Youth For Christ
YFC offers ministry opportunities and resources for youth leaders. YFC also announces a free new email list for middle school youth workers. You can find all their great resources and lots more on their website.



Youth Pastor Summit
Youth Pastor Summit is a free conference for youth pastors organized by Student Leadership University in partnership with Universal Studios. This 2-day conference includes speakers, worship, lunches and free resources for youth pastors.


Youth Specialties
Youth Specialties serves more than 100,000 youth workers worldwide through their training seminars, conventions, and resources. They have many resources for the youth workers on their website.


Youth Track
Youth Track is a software that helps organize your children, youth and college ministries. Youth Track provides you with a software tool to organize and manage your students, classes, events, attendance, contacts, ministry teams, resources and so much more.


Youth Worker
This website is one of the leading resource sites for youth pastors throughout North America and other countries. The content you will find in Youth Worker include practical youth ministry ideas and insights, discussions of important theological issues, Bible resources, youth culture updates, youth ministry games and activities, reviews of the latest youth ministry books and music, information about youth camps and retreats, professional development articles and resources and much more.


YouthMin.org is a resource website for youth ministers, youth workers, or youth leaders. They have coaching resources, games, and more.


YouthPastor.com is providing free youth ministry resources for youth pastors, ministers, workers, and volunteers. Online resources include a job center, free lessons, a searchable directory of ministries and game ideas.

Author Anonymous  Added On 07/25/2017
Rating (0)  Category Youth Pastor Resources
 Youth Outreach Resources

Global Youth Ministry Report

Doing youth ministry outside the USA or training youth workers globally? A new free service, "The Global Youth Ministry Report" sends out an e-mail to find out what's working globally in such areas as "Training Student Leadership," "Reaching Lost Youth," or "Developing Indigenous Worship for Youth." Then, a writer compiles this global wisdom and emails back a free report. In this way, youth workers glean ideas from practitioners in various cultures that may well work in their own setting. Finally, each report will be archived at http://www.reach-out.org in the "ARTICLES" section (Whew! What a great site!) so that further input from readers can add to this global I.Q. of youth ministry. Interested in this free wisdom exchange? Email Steve, in cooperation with Reach Out Youth Solutions, at smillero@mindspring.com.

Find Free "Youth Ministry Resources Galore" At Pastor2youth.com

Youth Ministry Resources Galore announces a site redesign, providing new games (over 120 more games added to the games section including water games, holiday games, theater games and simulation games), a free 84-page leadership manual (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) available for download, a new illustration collection and much more.

Ryan Nielsen, youth pastor and creator of the Web site, also includes copies of papers written for an M.A. in Youth and Family Ministry as well as a Youth Ministries Resource Exchange where youth leaders can share materials--lessons in text and PowerPoint, plays, PowerPoint backgrounds and worship resources. Everything on the Web site is free, with the exception of a one-year youth devo that can be ordered online for junior-high and senior-high youth.

Youth Ministry Resources Galore: http://www.pastor2youth.com/


Check carefully both the classy design and the wise strategy for sharing the truth without being pushy or churchy. Note the way there are many useful pages relating to young people's interests and needs. Deliberately, not all have a spiritual component. See how the main page does not 'look' Christian, yet hints at spirituality issues dealt with on the site. If you think you may have teen visitors to your site - add a link. If you have a church site and need a ready-made evangelistic teen section, this is it. Just link to it in a narrow top frame:

how to: http://www.web-evangelism.com/framecode.txt
IAMNEXT: http://www.iamnext.com/

If you want to receive an occasional (approx monthly) prayer newsletter about the progress of IAMNEXT and the other CCC evangelistic sites, subscribe to Christclick - send a blank email to christclick-subscribe@egroups.com

Devos And Gutsy Acts: Email Helps For Teens To Live Their Faith

Teens today face challenges when it comes to sharing their faith, and Youth for Christ (YFC) wants to help by providing teens with practical ways to live their faith and grow closer to God. Now through "Devos and Gutsy Acts," a free email and online service from YFC's Live the Life (LTL) Online, teens can study God's Word and discover how it applies to them. At the LTL Web site, teens, ministry leaders, and adults can also enjoy "Eva's Tips and Tricks" for sharing one's faith and confronting issues; "Campus Strategies" with advice on starting Bible study groups on campus; and "Tough Questions," examining probing questions about Christianity. YFC also provides several chat areas for teen interaction.

Devos and Gutsy Acts: http://www.gospelcom.net/yfc/students/devos/

Live the Life Online: http://www.gospelcom.net/yfc/livethelife

Café Reality: http://www.gospelcom.net/yfc/students/ is YFC's new site which is primarily for Christians though accessible to non-Christians.

Cafe Reality: Youth For Christ's Hot New Hangout For Christian Teens

Youth for Christ (YFC) announces a premier Web site for teens--Cafe Reality, featuring several evangelistic, discipleship and leadership resources. Take a tour of this graphically appealing site that includes daily devotions for teens (available online and by email), stories, free email accounts, simple ways to share one's faith, and challenges for sharing one's faith on campus. Access resources for youth workers, and learn about "Totally True," YFC's best-selling follow-up book for new and growing believers, now animated and interactive. (Lesson One, "The Greatest Father," is available online.) So grab a cup of hot coffee (you'll want one after visiting the site!) and check it out today.

Café Reality: http://www.gospelcom.net/yfc/students/

We're On Your Team To Help With Youth Ministry Needs

TeamCE International, a Christian Endeavor curriculum Web site, "the #1 online youth ministry program in the world," provides everything you need to have a thriving, purpose-led youth ministry. Subscribe to a "free gameplan" newsletter providing tips and encouragement for youth leaders. A free preview of the TeamCE curriculum, with samples, is available online. TeamCE currently serves over 36,000 teens in 47 States, 11 countries, and over 50 denominations. Their motto: "We invented youth ministry in 1881... now we're re-inventing it!" Visit TeamCE to check out their fine resources.

TeamCE: http://www.teamce.com

Sharing Christ With Young Adults

Any readers who are interested in working with young adults might want to contact Brent Purves of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada about a new project to create an evangelistic Web site for the 17- to 25-year-old age group. "You don't need to be an Internet Guru to get involved," Purves writes. "We are looking for prayer warriors, chat room contributors, writers, editors, graphic artists, photographers, email mentors, web researchers, Web site testers, and more."

For more information about this ministry opportunity, contact Purves at brentp@crusade.org.

Dawson McAllister


One of the best youth outreach organizations in the USA has a radio program and an excellent web site has an 800 line for counseling

"Eministry" Newsletter

Interested in the youth culture of youth ministry? If so, sign up for the eMinistry newsletter. To join the newsletter, simply send a blank e-mail message to eministry-subscribe@eministryonline.com.

Take An Online Tour With Campus Crusade, Canada, And Learn About Jesus

Campus Crusade for Christ International, Canada, presents "Who Is Jesus?" an interactive tour for youth, examining in-depth the life of Jesus and how it applies personally. Learn outstanding events in the life of Jesus and the claims He made. Find out how prophecies were fulfilled, learn about the miracles Jesus performed, and what impact His life has made upon the world. Most importantly, learn how the life of Jesus applies to your life personally. This in-depth study presents the opportunity for persons to receive Christ and offers a five-part follow-up interactive Bible study. Take the "Who is Jesus?" tour, whether you are a pre-Christian, a new believer, or a believer of long standing. You will find a wealth of Bible study information here for personal growth--at whatever level your Christian faith may be!

"Who Is Jesus?" Tour: 

Campus Crusade for Christ International, Canada: http://www.crusade.org/

Reach Out Youth Solutions

ANSWERS FOR YOUTH -- Reach Out Youth Solutions seeks to reach as many youths as possible by offering training and resources to those who work with youth. They offer their online premium resources free of charge for those outside the USA and to all who can't afford to pay for them inside the USA. These resources include 700 pages of extensive lesson plans, over 1000 speakers illustrations, and 90+ how-to articles (and growing rapidly!) on many aspects of youth work, written by some of the top people in youth ministry. Many of the lessons are used in various countries and can be translated free of charge as long as permission is secured through Reach Out's web master. Use these lessons in youth ministry and bible schools galore. Check 'em out at http://www.reach-out.org/. Just click on "Your Account" on the top menu and sign in for either the free month or the free year long scholarship. The lessons and illustrations are on the top menu and the articles are on the left menu. For further information, contact Steve smillero@mindspring.com.


Author Anonymous  Added On 07/25/2017
Rating (0)  Category Youth Outreach Resources
 World Christian Tract Directory

Author Anonymous  Added On 07/25/2017
Rating (0)  Category Christian Tracts
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